Lab Members

UMKids Lab 2015
Principal Investigator: Daniel Messinger, Ph.D.Daniel Messinger, Ph.D.
Dr. Daniel Messinger is the principal investigator of the SIB SMILE lab. He is an associate professor in the Child Division of the Department of Psychology and in the departments of Pediatrics and Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Miami. Dr. Messinger's current research aims to further understand emotional and social interaction and development of typically developing infants, infants who have autistic siblings, and children with autism spectrum disorders. He is using automated measurement and ratings of facial expressions to explore emotion and interaction. Additionally, Dr. Messinger is examining dynamic systems and the impact of real-time processes (sharing a smile) on developmental processes (secure attachment). He is associate editor of Emotion and reviews grants for the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation.
Graduate Student: Emily Prince
Graduate Student: Amy Ahn
Graduate Student: Samantha Mitsven
Lab Coordinator: Aurora Adams
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